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About Us

About Us


The Kung Fu Kids

Kung Fu Kids was created in 2019 to provide all people with fantastic entertainment and help them seek adventure, fulfill their dreams, learn new skills with Kungfu Wushu, encourage healthy lifestyle. Every person has the ability to do extraordinary things and help society to be better if they want to. Our greatest goal and our dream in having given birth to Wushu Kids is to share our passions with people of all ages and cultures through the Dao of Wushu and many other passions that we will discover together!

Who are the KungFu Kids

Wally, Minny and Paxi are brothers who grew up following mom and dad in the world of martial arts. They are the fiercest fans of their mother 4th Master Duan Multiple champion in international and national competitions as Athlete of the Italian national Wushu, stage name Ningia Girl. They fell in love with Wushu Kungfu following us all over the world between championships and internships. They also enjoy singing, playing, acting. He enjoys making videos, painting, electronics and robotics. Their mascot is Ninjia Kitty an expert Kungfu kitten in the style of the cat. Through the Kungfu Kids website and the Social pages they can personally connect with all martial arts lovers.

The Wushu masters of the Kung Fu Kids

Romina Quatela, Master, 4th Duan Black Belt of the International Wushu Federation. Athlete of the Italian Team FIWuK. Multiple Italian and international champion in Wushu styles

Sergio Casavecchia,
Master, 6th Duan black belt of the International Wushu Federation. Co-founder of the Italian Federation FIWuK. (1995-2002) Team leader of the Italian National Wushu FIWuK. (1990-2002) Vice president of the Ialian Wushu KungFu Federation.

Our lives are a wonderful journey into the vast world of martial arts where we met and lived important experiences, full of extreme commitment and great satisfaction. Martial arts have allowed us to channel youthful energy and enthusiasm into positive actions without falling into the insidious traps of an empty and devoid of stimuli adolescence. By developing trust, commitment and resistance to sacrifice, we have avoided those bad habits that have also suffered many of our friends. Martial arts have made us strong in mind, body and spirit. The very essence of martial arts as a lifestyle is to strive for constant and endless improvement! This is the path that every Master must walk in all areas of his life.

We gave life to Kungfu Kids to share the gifts we have received and to help children of all ages from 9 to 90, to free the Master who is in them!

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