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Archivio giornaliero Agosto 10, 2022

Photo of mom and wushu

Photo From the Tesla coil Experiment

With my father a world of discoveries

Hi kungfu fan, My father is a world to be discovered, he is not only a master and great expert of Kungfu Wushu, he has a great experience in many interesting things. For example, electronics and electromagnetism that have completely fascinated me. With him and my brothers we have made several experiments and met great personalities of science,
such as Nokola Tesla (my idol) and his Coil capable of making lightning and turning on light bulbs at a distance. At these links you can see videos and photos of the experiment .. By By, see you soon.



Photos: https://www.kungfu-kids.com/photo-from-the-tesla-coil-experiment/

Video From our YouTube Channel: 

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