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Wally, My exciting wushu performance

I knew that sooner or later the time would come to perform in front of the public. During training, mum and dad often remind us that we need to learn to become familiar with our emotions and dominate them. When it was my turn to enter the scene, Paxi was still in front of me, undecided whether to do his somersault on the hard concrete while he had trained on the competition mat. Since the route was occupied, I was dumbfounded for a moment… but it was only a moment because Ninja Girl arrived to unblock the situation. Following his commands everything went smoothly amidst the many applause that filled me with a joy I had never felt.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel:

Short Wushu performance.

Our Wushu performance in Trevignano Romano

With my father a world of discoveries

Hi kungfu fan, My father is a world to be discovered, he is not only a master and great expert of Kungfu Wushu, he has a great experience in many interesting things. For example, electronics and electromagnetism that have completely fascinated me. With him and my brothers we have made several experiments and met great personalities of science,
such as Nokola Tesla (my idol) and his Coil capable of making lightning and turning on light bulbs at a distance. At these links you can see videos and photos of the experiment .. By By, see you soon.



Photos: https://www.kungfu-kids.com/photo-from-the-tesla-coil-experiment/

Video From our YouTube Channel: 

Perché i KungFu Kids!

Kung Fu Kids è stato creato nel 2019 per fornire a tutte le persone un fantastico intrattenimento e aiutarli a cercare l’avventura, realizzare i loro sogni, apprendere nuove abilità con il Kungfu Wushu, incoraggiare uno stile di vita sano. Ogni persona se vuole ha la capacità di fare cose straordinarie e aiutare la società ad essere migliore. Il nostro obiettivo più grande e il nostro sogno nell’aver dato vita a Wushu Kids è condividere le nostre passioni  con persone di ogni età e cultura attraverso il Dao del Wushu e tante altre passioni che scopriremo insieme!

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