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Wally, My exciting wushu performance

I knew that sooner or later the time would come to perform in front of the public. During training, mum and dad often remind us that we need to learn to become familiar with our emotions and dominate them. When it was my turn to enter the scene, Paxi was still in front of me, undecided whether to do his somersault on the hard concrete while he had trained on the competition mat. Since the route was occupied, I was dumbfounded for a moment… but it was only a moment because Ninja Girl arrived to unblock the situation. Following his commands everything went smoothly amidst the many applause that filled me with a joy I had never felt.

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Short Wushu performance.

Our Wushu performance in Trevignano Romano

Minny, My first public performance

It was a great satisfaction to participate in a Wushu demonstration under the direction of our “ninja girl” mother. Before starting the emotion was really strong. I remembered what my mother always says… “an athlete is like a warrior, he cannot allow himself to be a victim of his emotions, it would be his end, his athletic performance would be a disaster”. I took a deep breath and without thinking anymore I entered the practice area with my brothers and it was a wonderful experience to move under the watchful eyes of so many people and receive their applause…

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Short Wushu performance

My Mother Ninjia Girl

Today, I want to talk about my mother, aka Ninjia Girl. She is a fantastic athlete and together with my father, she is my KungFu Wushu teacher. When I’m older I want to be as good as her. She is an athlete of the Italian Wushu national team, multiple Italian and international champion. A week before giving birth to our little brother Paxi he competed and got on the podium. My mother is also very good at free fighting (Sanda) and pre-arranged fighting (Duilian). With the participation of our two athletes, my father shot a short film that took part in a film competition, in this video, my mother defends herself by fighting with the techniques of Wushu from two suburban bullies.

Some photos: https: https://www.kungfu-kids.com/photo-of-mom-and-wushu/

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