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My Mother Ninjia Girl

Today, I want to talk about my mother, aka Ninjia Girl. She is a fantastic athlete and together with my father, she is my KungFu Wushu teacher. When I’m older I want to be as good as her. She is an athlete of the Italian Wushu national team, multiple Italian and international champion. A week before giving birth to our little brother Paxi he competed and got on the podium. My mother is also very good at free fighting (Sanda) and pre-arranged fighting (Duilian). With the participation of our two athletes, my father shot a short film that took part in a film competition, in this video, my mother defends herself by fighting with the techniques of Wushu from two suburban bullies.

Some photos: https: https://www.kungfu-kids.com/photo-of-mom-and-wushu/

To see the video just go to our YouTube channel and if you like you can also subscribe

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZc1u4c4MqQyyTAJrTMftEQ/videos

You can also watch the video directly from this page.

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